why NUMMERLAND Paletas?

what the heck are paletas?

Our location in the heart of Canada's fruit belt makes it the perfect place to create our version of the traditional paleta using real Okanagan fruits.

Summerland honey berries ("haskap")

A paleta (pah-LEH-tah) is an authentic Mexican frozen treat made of real fruit and whole ingredients. The name is derived from the little wooden sticks used to hold the pops and the paddle shape of the authentic treat. About 30% larger than the ice pops we are used to up North, they come in either fruity (aguas) or creamy (cremas). Either way, paletas are always loaded with fresh-tasting goodness!

PEACH medley   mango mango   CHERRY Limeade   cafe con leche   BLUEBERRY ICED TEA   AVOCADO COCONUT   PIÑa colada    noteworthy NEGRONI   strawberry rhubarb    apple haskap   french cantaloupe   watermelon cucumber   super smoothie   cHERRIES JUBILEE   banana nutella   strawberry float   mexican chocolate   RASPBERRY HIBISCUS   pumpkin spice latte   okanagan FRUIT SALAD   concord merlot   apricot ginger   ​…and more!

Our paletas are a true marriage of flavours, colours and cultures. From hibiscus, Mexican chocolate and vanilla to Okanagan cherry, haskap and honey, our fresh and fun paleta flavours change throughout the seasons. 

some of our flavours